Expectation Management

Here are some guidelines and recommendations before you start CrossFit or, for that matter, any exercise program:

1. Be realistic in your goals and your expectations of yourself and your trainers.

  •  Any trainer, no matter how good he or she is, will not be able to undo in a few weeks, months, or even years another person’s years of neglect and de-conditioning. To expect that the trainer can do this for you is unfair. Work with the trainer by meeting him/her halfway. See #2 below.
  • To expect that you can undo in 2-3 months all the “bad” things you have done to your body over many years is not only unrealistic and unfair to you but possibly unsafe. In general, rushing through anything in life is not a good way to do things.
  • It takes time – over a year or more – to re-condition a de-conditioned person. It also takes a lot of discipline and patience – 90% of the battle is just showing up, day in and day out and sticking to proper nutrition (see #’s 3 and 4).

2. Be willing to devote time to personal research and to studying the basic concepts and philosophy of not only CrossFit but also, in general, fitness, health, and nutrition.

  • Do not expect your trainer to teach you everything – this is unrealistic. A trainer accomplishes better and more results when the trainee understands some of the basics behind what is being taught – so make both your tasks easier by meeting him or her halfway.

3. Nutrition is VERY important.

  • Understand that it is physiologically impossible to train away bad nutrition – it will eventually catch up to you if it has not already.
  • Understand how improper nutrition affects you and what nutrition is best for you. Be aware that there are varying schools of thought on nutrition. The bottom line is your nutritional needs should be tailored to you.

4. Don’t quit, show up. Don’t talk about it, show up and perform.

  • If you have been sedentary for some time, you will be sore. If you are de-conditioned, you will find you are not flexible enough to perform some of the movements. All this combine to make you want to give up. No one can help you if you give up.
  • Understand that while anyone can start CrossFit, it is physically hard and it is quite difficult to master and will frustrate you – but the rewards are great. It is not 90 days in length like some other programs. It is, as some claim, a lifestyle, similar to that of the martial arts of the Far East.

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